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AXenS is the most forward thinking B2B platform for Distributed Supply Chain Finance (DSCF) and Distributed Trade Services (DTS). It provides innovative, flexible and accessible trade finance as well as a look-through, secure supply chain management process.

We enable the automation of global trade transactions, we manage large numbers of business partners and documents, and we ensure that businesses always comply with constantly changing international legal regulations.

AXenS runs on an enterprise-grade Blockchain Technology to support global trade activities with the tools needed to participate in the most highly-available and highly-scalable network where logistical and supply chain services, financial and insurance services, government agencies and customs authorities can inter-operate and collaborate in the most secure way. AXenS alleviates costly delays and financial risks involved with imports and exports, thus enabling businesses of all sizes to react quickly to business opportunities.

AXenS is a venture established by a consortium of Global Commodities Trading Enterprises. The aim is to both leverage the advantages of new transformational technology while increasing the critical mass, safety and frequency of trade activity. It has been possible through a joint venture with Xnotes, an award winning Blockchain technology firm and other world class developers.

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Impact Investment

AXenS will support the development of the impact investment market both through its trade finance and supply chain management facilities. In particular we want to see more investment focused on:

  • inclusive, accessible, affordable innovations that address major social needs
  • delivering positive social outcomes regardless of legal form
  • the standard of evidence of a venture’s impact
  • profitable, sustainable and resilient business models capable of scaling their impact

Opportunity Set: Meso-Credit


Small to medium enterprises often cannot get finance from both banks and microcredit institutions. Thus the provision of “mesocredit” to this missing middle. AXenS would focus, not only on trade finance, but also on the tail-end of the production cycle to render the products export ready.

The extensive financing gap for Small and Medium Enterprises stretches across most emerging market regions. It is mainly due to:

  • Having little or no access to financing - they lack the traditional parameters for credit assessment
  • Level of sophistication
  • Financial constraints - working capital and reserves
  • Lack of accessing payment for their products promptly through appropriate financial engineering



Connectivity across all financial and supply chain nodes.


Instant, on-demand settlement.


Real-time traceability and immutability of supply chain process.


Low operational and transactional costs.


Accessible, be-spoke and cost efficient.

Secondary Loan Market

Liquidity provider.


Credit and deal risk reduction.


Effective and dynamic management.


Samson Assefa
Samson Assefa

Swiss, managing partner of Swaye Capital Management, a company involved in multi-asset management/advisory and proprietary commodities trading/ intermediation based out of Switzerland and United Arab Emirates. In the finance industry for the past 20 years as a senior executive in hedge funds and banks.

Sopheap Lao
Sopheap Lao
Chairman -

French, Head of Transformative Technology at Deloitte France. Co-founder and CEO of Xnotes, which developed an award-winning decentralized transaction system that implements a business-driven, currency-agnostic and energy-efficient approach to blockchain, allowing trusted issuers to create and disseminate their own assets securely in P2P digital transactions. Serial entrepreneur with several ventures to his name and blockchain influencer in Asia.

Timothy McGarvey
Dr. R. Timothy McGarvey

Principal, founder - manages commodity trading system development and deployment (both electronic and physical) at Energeia. He has over 15 years of experience in energy, commodity markets, and software development. He was responsible for the nuclear operations of a submarine in the U.S. Navy.

Vorasith Khieu
Vorasith Khieu

French, co-founder of Xnotes, which developed an award winning blockchain technology, co-founder and Representative of Confluences, which incubates the FrenchTech initiative and European companies in the ASEAN. He has over 15 years of experience in Trading & Operations, Project Management in Hedge Funds, Global and Private Banks.

Mark Munoz
Dr. J. Mark Munoz
Senior Advisor -

Advisor to the Harvard University Artificial Intelligence Initiative and CEO of Munoz and Associates. Award-winning professor, author, and researcher and with several years of professional experience in International Marketing, Sales Development, Market Research, Business Consulting, and Venture Finance.

Raphael Finck
Raphael Finck

CEO of SNAP international (SAP delivery centre), with 20+ years of professional experience in sectors as diversified as medical, industrial, retail and automotive and managing both IT and business management in multicultural environments.

Mahen Bhandari
Mahen Bhandari
Senior Advisor -

Indian and Canadian, with experience in senior executive positions primarily in the financial arena throughout a career which has spanned over 25 years. CEO at BGI and Senior Partner at Atlas Trading FZE. He was also group CFO of Hakan Agro DMCC, a global commodities trading firm.

Samuel Petros
Samuel Petros
Technical Project Manager -

Senior Solutions Consultant professional who has worked in several industries, including Healthcare, Information Systems and Manufacturing with a career spanned over 20 years.






XNotes is an award-winning Distributed Ledger Technology, featuring a modern Blockchain-based open and flexible architecture, built on the most reliable enterprise frameworks.

The XNotes Technology implements blockchain principles at its core. But unlike the existing blockchain technologies, XNotes has been designed to run enterprise transactions since day one, with no pre-defined virtual currency, high configurability, data privacy and a robust permission system to execute business-specific workflows. It received “ECR Golden Circle Innovation Hong Kong” in October 2016, incubated by Daimler’s Rocket Tank Innovation (based in Stuttgart, Germany). Xnotes is the lead developer for the project.

Snap International

High level experts on SAP ByDesign and SAP Gold Partner since 2016. Expertise in Organizational and process change management. Client list includes Brandt, RAMA, Kongsberg and many more.


Leading developer in HMI, UX and UI Design and Production, Connected Applications and Virtualized Production. A vast array of blue chip clients: Jaguar, Ford, Apple, NHS, McLaren and many more.


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